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Real Estate Broker

Hi, my name is Spencer Pruitt and I am proud to be a Real Estate Broker with the Link Team at Elite Properties!  I currently serve all of Western Washington and I'm very familiar with your neighborhood.  I cannot wait to help you find your dream home or sell your current home and help you find your next dream home!  

I love people and believe that families are the foundation of our communities.  My favorite part about real estate is how it allows me to meet so many great people. Helping my clients navigate the process of buying or selling their largest asset is a responsibility that I honor. I look forward to putting all the expertise I have gained over the years to work for you!    

In today's extremely competitive real estate environment it is not enough to have a real estate agent in your corner.  You need to have an experienced real estate team in your corner!  The Link Team at Elite Properties has over 40+ years of real estate experience.  During those 40+ years we have helped over 2,000 clients buy and sell homes.  I look forward to leveraging our experience and knowledge to make sure you win either as a seller or as a buyer.  

On behalf of myself and the Link Team at Elite Properties I look forward to making your real estate dreams come true!  Please feel free to call or text me at any time and let's get started!


Spencer Pruitt-Real Estate Broker

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