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Imelda Nakamura

Real Estate Broker
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Hi, my name is Imelda Nakamura, "Mel" for short, and I am proud to be a Real Estate Broker with the Link Team at Elite Properties!  I currently serve all of Western Washington and I'm very familiar with your neighborhood.  If you are looking to buy or sell a home I would love to help!

I have years of experience in real estate and I would love to help you find your forever home or even better an investment property!

In today's extremely competitive real estate environment it is not enough to have a real estate agent in your corner.  You need to have an experienced real estate team in your corner!  The Link Team at Elite Properties has over 40+ years of real estate experience.  During those 40+ years we have helped over 2,000 clients buy and sell homes.  I look forward to leveraging our experience and knowledge to make sure you win either as a seller or as a buyer.   

On behalf of myself and the Link Team at Elite Properties I look forward to making your real estate dreams come true!  Please feel free to call or text me at any time and let’s get started!


Imelda Nakamura-Real Estate Broker





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